Mission and vision

Our vision is to restore as many video memories and images as possible.

Our mission is to find the best way to do it for everyone and from everywhere.

At the center of our activity is the user who likes simple and efficient tools and has a passion for enhancing videos and images.

abstract illustration of a camera
Our story

Why TensorPix?

We choose the name TensorPix as a combo of words: Tensor and Pixel.

In mathematics, a tensor is an algebraic object that describes a multilinear relationship between sets of algebraic objects related to a vector space.

Yes, it sounds complicated, but it's actually one of the core concepts that enable AI to create new and improved pixels in your image or video, and make them look more natural and pleasant to watch.

TensorPix journey started back in 2020 when co-founders Bartol and Branimir roughly sketched the automated video enhancing idea over a friendly drink (or two... ok, maybe it was closer to five).

Both with a master's degrees in engineering and years of experience with AI and machine learning, they started to work on developing video and image enhancing algorithms. The project quickly led to running a fast growing startup.

What we strive for

We have two main goals at TensorPix

While we have a lot of internal metrics we try to optimize, there are two main goals that we prioritize above all else

Best quality results

Make sure that AI improves video and image quality everyday in order to guarantee you highest quality results.

Ease of use

Optimising the user interface in order to provide you a simple and pleasant experience, so it will be a joy for you to enhance many of your videos and images.

TensorPix team

Meet the team that is working hard to make TensorPix the best video and image enhancer on the market.

Co-founder and CEO

Trying to keep company's vision alive because I think it's a pretty cool idea and I'd love to see video of me in 4K quality when I was still in diapers. I also know machine learning.

Co-founder and CBDO

If I'm not selling or networking, I'm probably jumping out of a plane, doing loops in my acrobatic plane, or scuba diving around sharks.

Machine Learning Researcher

I firmly believe that backpropagation is like the biggest magic of the 21st century.

Director of Marketing

Spreading the word about the coolest AI video and image enhancer out there, making sure that all the right folks know about it.

Customer Success Manager

Self-proclaimed master of procrastination, but somehow manages to meet all deadlines. Can someone please give me an award for that?

Full-Stack Software Developer

I am just a junior dev trying to make it big one day. I hope my small contributions make a difference in keeping this idea alive. And I always go with: if it's 3 or more, use a for.

Digital Marketing & Multimedia Expert

I'm trying to create and promote engaging visual content that captivates audiences to achieve marketing goals.

Machine Learning Engineer

Give me an NP-hard problem and watch me solve it in constant time.

Business Advisor

What moves me is, going beyond, breaking barriers, acquiring knowledge. Complacency and inaction are words that are not part of my personal philosophy. I'm a doer, not a dreamer.

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