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In under 30 seconds, you can have your unique image. All you need to do is write words that best describe your wish and select the asset style: icon, logo, 2D illustration, 3D illustration, eCommerce product, People and animals, others.

They all come in PNG format with transparent backgrounds!

Let's be creative! Example of what AI can do for you

Asset style: 2D Illustration

We wrote: dog summer style, and we got this cool illustration.

TensorPix MagicStock - 17c2e2e6-.webp

Asset style: Icon

You can choose to generate up to 10 creatives. We picked this one as our favorite word: dog

TensorPix MagicStock - 6186d5f9-.webp

Asset style: Product

When you need an original product, you the help of MagicStock. Here is the product generated for word: backpack with dog print

TensorPix MagicStock - c999d4aa-.webp

Asset style: People and animal

Looks like a real photo, but it is and AI-generated image for word: dog and baby

TensorPix MagicStock - 854b255f-.webp

Speed up your workflow and be always original

From creating fully finished designs to quickly drafting concepts, MagicStock will help you deliver results faster than ever before.

Not matter how powerful AI seems to look, it will never surpass human creativity, but it will certainly help turn your ideas into reality much faster.

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