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Sharing old video memories is great! Use the AI color restorer to make your videos look even better with natural colors. TensorPix will do the rest!

Some videos have a “tinted” look →Their colors look unnatural and are shifted towards a specific color.

Color shifts can happen for many reasons. The most common one is because of the lighting conditions where the video was recorded. E.g. if the video was recorded in a nightclub where lots of reflectors of various colors are present, the colors would be shifted toward the color of the reflectors.

Another scenario where the color shift is present is with old film tape videos that weren’t digitized in time. Film tape degrades over time and loses parts of the color (usually red spectrum), making the film look blueish or greenish. Here is one example:

Note: Color Restorer does not restore color from black-and-white videos.

Sanja Trbojević Montina

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