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Restore your video produced before 2005!

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Deinterlacer - the most used AI filter for restoring old videos

If your video was shot with a camera that was produced before 2005, there is a good chance it records video in the interlaced format. Interlacing artifacts look like thousand annoying little lines, that can be easily removed with AI filter Deinterlacer. Here is how it looks

TensorPix AI Deinterlacer

Why old video has interlacing artifacts? Interlacing artifacts appear when we want to display an interlaced video on a progressive screen. As most of modern screens are progressive, interlacing artifacts often appear when watching old interlaced videos. Interlaced format was heavily used up to mid 2000 because it had lower bandwidth and was thus cheaper and easier to broadcast.

Why recent videos does not have interlacing artifacts? Modern cameras shoot in the progressive format, which is free of any artifacts found in interlaced formats.

Does all video produced before 2005 need Deinterlacer? It can also be the case that the video has already been de-interlaced. De-interlacing means the video was converted from the interlaced to the progressive format. In this case, you don’t need to apply the Deinterlacer filter.

The best way to find out if the video is in the interlaced format is to play the video in your favorite video player and see if there are any interlacing artifacts. They usually appear when objects are moving quickly around, e.g. cars moving, people running… Make sure to disable the de-interlacing in the video player as most of them automatically have this option enabled.

Tips for best results: Combine Deinterlacer with other filters to enhance other attributes like AI Upscale In case of poor light conditions add a Noise Reduction filter.

USE CASE: Restore video from disco night!

A great disco night has been recorded, but it was a long time ago, and the video is hard to watch due to the poor-quality camera. Don't worry! Use Deinterlacer - an AI filter focused on removing artifacts found in interlaced formats Now you will have a great video memory to share! Try it now ->

USE CASE : Restore wedding video from time before 2005!

A lovely family celebration has been recorded, but the video is hard to watch due to poor quality camera.? Don't worry! Use Deinterlacer - an AI filter focused on removing artifacts found in interlaced formats
Now you will have a great video like it was taken with a modern camera! Try it now ->

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