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Since 1995, "Nacional" has been synonymous with impactful investigative journalism, earning the respect of a wide audience. In the newest article, dive into an exclusive interview with our CEO, Bartol Freškura, as we unveil the essence of TensorPix: our team, business model, ambitions, and the vast potential we aim to realize.

The journalist, Dubrako Jagatić, is focusing the article on the 5 major area:


Zagreb-based company TensorPix has revolutionized video and image enhancement using artificial intelligence, making a global impact with over a million users in just a few years!


Led by CEO Bartol Freškura, a small team of experts including Sanja Trbojević Montina, Jeronim Matijević, Ivo Topolovčan Montina, Matej Ciglenečki, Luka Ivanković, and Martin Freškura, TensorPix has leveraged AI to develop a product that is now being utilized worldwide.

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Combining AI with expertise in virtual reality, Freškura and co-owner Branimir Ambreković conceived the idea to enhance images and videos. The result? Videos restored to pristine quality, free from shakes or faded hues, as if they were filmed today.

Traditional video restoration is arduous, requiring manual or semi-manual processes and expensive software. TensorPix, however, automates this process through AI, making it accessible and affordable for everyone.


While initially targeting global markets, TensorPix has also made significant strides in the Croatian market, collaborating with cultural institutions like HRT and Croatia Records to preserve national heritage.


The company's future goals include further developing their software to become the go-to solution for video restoration worldwide, while remaining focused on sustainability and profitability.

Bartol Freškura emphasizes that while competition exists, focusing on customer needs and product quality is paramount. The company remains open to opportunities, including a potential sale, provided their product finds the right hands. With a rapidly growing user base and a commitment to innovation, TensorPix is poised to reshape the future of video restoration worldwide.

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