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How to take care of cassette tapes and digitize them

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Remember the days of gathering around the TV, popcorn in hand, as the VCR rolled the tape to life, ready to play your favorite movies on video cassettes? Maybe you are watching something more private, like a video of weddings or family vacations. Despite the rise of streaming services, digital cameras, and phones, there's an undeniable charm to those analog relics that still captivates many.

Great nostalgia comes with great responsibility - the task of storing and preserving video cassettes correctly so that you can watch them for decades. Whether you're a seasoned cinephile or rediscovering the joy of VHS through your family's old camera, mastering the art of cassette care can ensure your tapes keep rolling out for years to come.


Let's dive deep into how we can adequately preserve these iconic pieces of technology and enhance them with AI.

Cool and dry places at room temperature are the best

It is crucial to store cassettes in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight. Direct exposure to sunlight can damage the plastic casing of the cassettes and may result in the degradation of the tape inside. Therefore, it is best to avoid keeping them near windows or any other sources of direct sunlight. Also, this does not mean that you should throw your tapes into the basement, which may have a high humidity level.

Always avoid extreme temperatures, high or low. It's essential to store cassettes in a room with a stable and moderate temperature. High temperatures can cause the cassette shell to soften or melt, while cold temperatures can make the tape brittle and prone to breakage.

Video cassettes are always stored vertically in their original packaging

Did you know that storing your video cassettes horizontally can damage your tape because, in that position, the tape can warp and distort? Simple vertical storing helps a lot with cassette preservation, and that's why you should invest in storage racks or shelves explicitly designed for cassette tapes to keep them organized and upright.

We don't watch cassette tapes every day, which means they will be waiting for us on our shelves and in our boxes for a long time. This is how most cassettes go to VHS heaven. Dust and dirt build up on the tape heads and inside the cassette mechanism over time, leading to poor sound quality or playback problems. Therefore, keeping your cassettes in their cases or storage boxes when not in use is a necessity! That is how you will protect them from dust and debris because, if not, static electricity becomes your greatest enemy.

The static charge that comes from rubbing against the cassette deck's components attracts dust particles that can stubbornly cling to the tape surface, making removing them challenging.

Handle them with care and keep away from magnetic fields.

When handling cassette tapes, holding them by their edges or using the hubs to gently rewind or fast forward the tape is essential. Also, avoid touching the exposed tape or pulling on it forcefully.


Then, what people generally don't know is that the magnetic fields emanating from speakers, motors, or other electronic devices can detrimentally affect cassette tapes' signal quality, causing audio distortion. It is recommended that cassette tapes be stored in a location accessible from strong magnetic fields to preserve the clarity and quality of the audio.

Lastly, we recommend regularly cleaning your cassette deck's tape heads and pinch rollers using a cassette deck cleaning kit. This will help remove any accumulated dirt or oxide residue, which can negatively affect the playback quality and shorten the lifespan of both the tapes and the playback equipment. Keeping the tape deck clean ensures the best playback performance and extends the life of your tapes and equipment in general.

Why shouldn't you digitize your tapes?

The process of digitizing your video cassettes is complicated. First of all, it can be time-consuming, especially if you have a larger number of tapes. If you are not an expert on video cassettes, you don't know how to handle all the potential problems a tape can have. If you do not know how to handle tape with dust, there is a good chance that you will destroy it even more.

Also, converting analog video signals from VHS tapes into digital formats isn't an easy process. It requires specialized hardware and software, which you probably don't have, to ensure accurate signal conversion and preservation of the original quality.

That's why you should bring your tapes to a specialized video and photo studio with the knowledge and equipment for this job. Let's say you have done that and see all kinds of irregularities like low FPS, dirty spots and scratches, shaky images, and low resolution...

Let's see how you can save and improve your digitized video cassettes.

Giving a new shine to video cassettes with AI

These are the filters that will make your digitalized video cassettes look brand new:

  • FPS booster: adds more frames per second for a smoother video
  • AI Dust Buster: removes scratches and film dirt
  • AI Upscale: increase the video resolution with better details and sharper image
  • Noise Reduction: remove buzzed, blurry, and blocky pixels that come from filming in low light
  • AI Stabilization filter: makes videos less shaky and more stable

If you are using TensorPix for free, it is important to note that you can only apply two filters to a single video. However, if you are looking for more options to fix your digitalized video cassettes, we suggest you consider our Standard or Premium plan. Upgrading to one of our paid plans gives you access to a wider range of features and tools that can help you achieve the best possible results.

Also, the first credits are on us, so give us a try!

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