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Latest Updates In TensorPix

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Latest Updates In TensorPix

At TensorPix, we're all about making our tool user-friendly and budget-friendly because we're super passionate about video restoration and love working with AI.

In the past month, we've introduced 3 major improvements:

  • More flexible pricing
  • Friendlier UI
  • New versions of Upscale filters

Starting with pricing, now you'll find more filters available in each payment plan. When you use a subscription plan and you run out of credits before the end of the month, no worries! You can simply purchase extra credits at a plan credit discount without having to upgrade your plan.

Plus, we're giving new users welcome credits to try out our app for free because want to show how efficient our tool can be!


When it comes to the UI, we're on top of the latest trends, but more importantly, we care about your editing experience. That's why we've added a dark mode option. Now you can enjoy a more comfortable editing session.

What's more, each filter now comes with a video explanation, so you'll know exactly what to expect. We're confident this will lead to happier users whose expectations are met.


Now, let's talk about the AI Upscale filter. It's a fan favorite, but not everyone needs the same level of enhancement. Whether you just need a light touch-up or a pro-level upgrade, we've got you covered with 5 different levels of the Upscale filter. This range of options ensures significant cost savings for all our users.


We're thrilled to provide these updates to enhance your video editing journey.

Stay tuned for more exciting developments from TensorPix!

Wish you happy enhancements!

Sanja Trbojević Montina

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