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What was bubbling in the office last month?

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Hello TensorPix followers!

Over the past months, our Research and Development department has been diligently occupied with developing new solutions tailored to meet the exacting standards of video editors. Additionally, we've found a way for you to earn money with us. For those who may have missed it, here's a short recap.

The three headline announcements at TensorPix are as follows:

1. Introduction of a New AI Filter

2. Enhancement of Existing Filters

3. Launch of an Affiliate Program

Let's begin with the ground-breaking filter: AI Audio Denoise. That's right, you heard correctly – we've expanded our focus to include audio filters. This offering enables you to effortlessly eliminate unwanted background noise from your audio recordings. Now, regardless of where you shoot your videos – be it a bustling street, a crowded square, or amidst your neighbor's yard work – our AI-powered filter ensures your voice remains crisp and clear.

At TensorPix, we believe the pursuit of perfection yields the finest results. Countless hours have been invested in training our AI to handle even the most challenging scenarios, ensuring optimal outcomes across various video artifacts. We're delighted to unveil the latest iteration of our AI Deep Clean filter.

Give it a try, and please do share your feedback with us.

Thus far, our growth has primarily been driven by word of mouth from early adopters who've deemed our software a game-changer. It's our responsibility to give back to the community. Therefore, starting now, anyone who recommends us will have the opportunity to earn money. We've implemented a straightforward marketing program that allows us to track your efforts. Simply apply to our affiliate program.

We're excited to share these updates to enrich your video editing experience.

Keep an eye out for more thrilling advancements from TensorPix!

Wishing you joyful enhancements!

Sanja Trbojevic Montina

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