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Use Noise Reduction when the video has a buzzing pattern that quickly changes from frame to frame. Noise usually appears in poor light conditions (night, dusk, indoor video, cloudy day…). Read more about AI-powered filter Noise Reduction


AI Color Restorer

Use Color Restorer when the colors on the video look unnatural and are shifted toward specific color. Read more about AI-powered filter Color Restorer

200% OR 400% UPSCALE

200 OR 400 UPSCALE

These two filers should be applied when the video resolution is low (below 1280x720 px) Read more about AI-powered filter 200% and 400% Upscale


TensorPix AI Deinterlacer

Interlacing artifacts look like thousand annoying little lines and are present mostly on videos produced before 2005. Read more about AI-powered filter Deinterlacer


TensorPix AI Decompressor

Use Deep Cleaner when you want to remove blocky artifacts and noise from your video. Read more about AI-powered filter Deep Cleaner


TensorPix Face enhancer

Face enhancer only works on human faces. For best results apply this filter on front-facing faces. Read more about AI-powered fileter Face Enhancer


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Some moments are so incredible that we want to highlight them by making them last longer. In this case, proper use of an AI slow-motion filter will come handy. Read more about AI-powered filter Slow Motion

60 FPS booster


Remember the famous Charly Chaplin walk? Well, it was more about FPS, than about his moves. Most humans can see at a rate of 30 to 60 frames per second (FPS). When a video framerate is lower than 20 FPS, we get that breaking motion that is hard to watch for a longer time. Read more about AI-powered filter 60 FPS booster


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A common issue for video converted to digital format, from the old 32mm, 16mm, and 8mm film tape, are the dirty spots and the scratches. Those dirty spots and scratches can be removed with an AI-powered filter Film Cleaner. Read more about AI-powered filter Film Cleaner

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